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Pre-lockdown school trip to New York City


In this blog post, we talk about Hannah’s exciting school trip to ‘The Big Apple’ earlier this year. Hannah is 17 years old and has MPS VI. The trip left in the early hours on a Thursday and returned on Monday…four nights away from home without her family for the first time! The trip was with a small number of pupils, around 20 students, three teachers and one assistant. Before the trip, when arrangements were being made, the staff were very positive about being able to arrange the trip for Hannah. There was talk of possibly needing two people alongside Hannah to help but when final arrangements were made it was agreed that Hannah would only be needing one person. Lucy (Hannah’s mum) created a practical guide with emergency information for the school to take with them and prepared all medication so that the dosage was easy to understand.

The trip was only a few days but was fully packed with sightseeing, they visited the United Nations Headquarters, Central Park, Empire State Building, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Rockefeller Center and travelled over to Staten Island on the ferry. On the first night there was talk of going to visit Times Square but it seemed a little bit too ambitious after a full day of travelling.

Hannah’s biggest achievement

Being able to travel like everyone else and getting to see The Big Apple.

Hannah’s biggest worries

Being able to get around by wheelchair and getting through security with all her medication. However, Hannah said that “New York is amazing and great for people with a lack of mobility!”.

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