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Wear it Blue

Wear it blue runs all year round but reaches another level during MPS Awareness Week each year.

As part of Wear it Blue you could simply wear blue in your workplace, a school you have connections with or in your local community.

​Why not get everyone to spray their hair blue?

​You could even have a bake sale and sell some delicious blue cupcakes. The choice is yours!

 On Wednesday 15 May, supporters across the UK will be donning their bluest clothes and accessories to raise money and awareness for our vital work. You can be part of it!

  1. Sign up below for your FREE pack which contains all the blueness you need to make your day a success.

  2. Get blue with friends, family and colleagues on 15 May. Don a wig, sport some shades or pull up your socks - whatever you wear, it has to be blue!

  3. Collect donations (we suggest £2) from everyone who’s taking part and send in the money to help those affected by MPS and related diseases.

Date(s) and locations

15 May every year, throughout the UK


How to book

Register for your free Wear it Blue pack today by completing the registration form below