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Catherine's journey to sustainability through beauty and fashion


Having an MPS condition hasn't stopped Catherine from finding ways to make a difference to the world. Her journey started with a passion for the planet and the natural world, and her involvement in the beauty industry.

"I began writing a blog on sustainability just over a year ago, it started with a beauty and fashion approach where I stopped purchasing any new clothes or makeup for a year. I wanted to do this because I found that the beauty and fashion industries are two of the biggest contributors to textile and plastic pollution and global carbon emissions, more than aviation and shipping combined."

Through her blog, Beauty and the Beaches, Catherine aims to inform and raise awareness of the changes needed for a more sustainable future. Keeping a positive approach, she focuses on things people can do now to make a difference and covers topics such as sustainable fashion, sustainable beauty and reducing unnecessary waste and plastic as much as possible.

"I'm doing my best to go plastic-free and reduce waste and I want to highlight the importance of buying from independent and local producers instead of the well-known supermarket chains."

Keeping our oceans clean and plastic-free is especially important to Catherine.

"I've always loved the water from a very young age as I could swim better than I could walk. I'm a member of my beach cleaning community, however, due to my reduced mobility I can't always take part but I love the sea and I really hope for a cleaner future for our oceans and their inhabitants."

Catherine shared a video with us of a recent beach clean she completed for Earth Day on 22 April and is currently highlighting an #IsolatedCleanUp initiative which encourages people to pick up one or two pieces of litter whilst taking their daily exercise and to bring it home to reuse, recycle or dispose of properly.

"My message is based around a more sustainable, thoughtful way of living which in the end, benefits everyone. I write and share my journey on social media."

If you want to find out more about Catherine's mission you can follow her on Instagram or read her blog.

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