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When you are living with a rare disease, community can be hard to find.  Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one! One of the core objectives of the MPS Society is to ensure that all of our members find their place.   

When you become a member of the MPS Society we will connect you with a dedicated Support and Advocacy officer who will be able to support you and your family; but also connect you with other members. 

Support and Advocacy Team

Our Support and Advocacy Team work across the UK, averaging 2,655 miles per month visiting our members and provide them with vital support and advocacy.

MPS Support Hub

We know there’s no replacement for a good old fashioned face-to-face with someone who really gets you - but we’re hoping that the MPS Support Hub might become the next best thing. 

Social Hubs

Our MPS Social Hubs provide opportunities to connect for our membership. We aim to ensure that none of our members are left behind.