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Leaving a gift in your will

The MPS Society is here to help and committed to transforming the lives of people living with rare diseases through specialist knowledge, support and research and we can only do this with the support from our community.

What is a legacy gift?

This is a gift in your will which enables us to continue providing support for people affected by MPS, Fabry or a related condition, and helps accelerate our research strategy to find better treatments and care.

​The difference you could make

We always put the people we support at the centre of what we do. By leaving a gift in your will, no matter how big or small, you are making a difference to the lives of our members by ensuring we can continue to offer expert guidance and information.

The support from the MPS Society has been amazing: from always being there at the end of the phone to producing literature in non-medical language ... MPS events have given us opportunities to connect with their families outside of the hospital environment, which has helped to build a network of support. - Mother of a child with MPS VI Maroteaux-Lamy

How do I write my will?

Writing a will can seem daunting and easy to put off, but it’s actually really simple to do. Plus, it can be difficult to choose from the hundreds of solicitors available, so the MPS Society has teamed up with Kwil.

They can help you draw up a will online for free in 30 minutes.

Our promises to you

  • Your will is personal and we will never ask you to tell us your decision.

  • We understand that family and friends always come first.

  • We will never put you under any pressure - it's your decision to make in your own time.

  • We will use your gift carefully so it achieves the greatest impact for our community.

  • You can change your mind at any time.

Get in touch

For any questions or further information, either email us or call
0345 389 9901.

Questions you might have

Whether or not you consider you have many possessions or savings, there are a number of reasons why you should consider making a will. This can include ensuring your estate is passed on in the way you want. Making a will reduces the burden on loved ones you leave behind. It can also help protect your assets and reduce the impact that inheritance tax has on your estate.

You can be part of our future by remembering us in your will through the following ways.

Residuary legacy
A share of your estate. Once you have decided what you are leaving to your family and friends, you can donate a share or all of what is left.

Pecuniary legacy
A specific sum of money.

A specific item
This might be an item of value that can be sold or that may benefit the charity in other ways, such as property or jewellery.

If you wish to remember the MPS Society in your will; we recommend you use the following wording:
I leave ……….. to the MPS Society of MPS House, Repton Place, White Lion Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP7 9LP.

All bequests left to the MPS Society should also include our registered charity number 1143472, (charity registered in Scotland SCO41012).

Making a will or making a change to an existing will doesn’t have to be complicated. If you already have a will that you are happy with but just want to add a gift to the MPS Society, ask your solicitor to draw up a codicil – a simple legal addition to your existing will. It is a good idea to review your will periodically to reflect births, deaths or separations in your family or major changes in your own circumstances.

It can be difficult to choose from the hundreds of solicitors available. The MPS Society and Kwil have teamed up and they can help you draw up a free will online. Visit Kwil for more information. Alternatively, you can find a solicitor near you.

We know the sooner a family can receive a diagnosis, the sooner a child or young adult can receive life-changing treatment. To this day, the MPS Society has spent over £12 million on research projects into these conditions to find better treatments and care. The sooner we can accelerate our research and take advantage of these opportunities, the quicker we can help even more people affected by MPS, Fabry or a related disease. We can only do this with support from our community leaving a gift in their will and we are truly grateful for anything you can leave to us.

Our impact

Find out how your money helps us transform lives through support, research and awareness.

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