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Girl with brown hair and patterned dress who has MPS is in her back yard with a bike in the background.

Donate to MPS Society

Your £6 Donation

£6 could pay for a newly diagnosed family to receive a disease-specific information booklet

Your £25 Donation

£25 could pay for a support and advocacy officer to present on MPS, Fabry and related diseases in a school so that students, teachers are informed on how best to support a child with a rare disease

Your £34 Donation

£34 could fund a support and advocacy officer for two hours so they can support a child and their family when they need someone to answer their questions and provide a listening ear

Your £85 Donation

£85 could pay for a Young Persons Advisory panel session, attended by young people affected by MPS, Fabry or a related disease, helping to shape the future of our dedicated young person support services

Your donation matters

We need to raise over £1 million each year in order to provide our vital services. We know we couldn’t do this without our amazing network of supporters, members, corporate partners, trusts and foundations and more.

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MPS Society Impact

Our Advocacy and Support Service

We have provided a wide range of support, both practical and emotional.

1,100 members

supported through direct contact with our team

60 new members

joined MPS Society in 2022 to receive help and support

27 disease types

creating web pages, booklets and animations to help you understand complex conditions

300 in-depth cases

with Education, Health and Care plans, social care issues and continuing healthcare meetings.