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7 ways to have fun in MPS Awareness Week


For this installment of the #WednesdayWebinarSeries we are giving you ideas on how to have fun as part of our MPS Awareness Week campaign! It's a particularly difficult time, where you might be feeling out of control or more ancious than usual, so we hope that some of our suggestions for a daily dose of fun help you to enjoy at least a bit of each day this week.

Here's Bob to tell you a bit more about the reason we're celebrating MPS Awareness Week and what to expect from the campaign of fun.

Message from Chief Executive Bob Stevens on MPS Awareness Week 2020

"It’s MPS Awareness Week and we’ve got lots of fun things to do to highlight the whole world of MPS related diseases and what we can do to help people have just a little bit of a better time this week. And it’s all important because it raises the awareness around the diseases and that’s what we want to do; we want to highlight the great science, the great people that are working within this sector, we want to see if we can make more people aware of the plight of our community.

"So, what are we doing this week? Well, Tuesday it’s sing along with Gracie at 6pm and that’s a chance for everybody to have a bit of fun and just have a good old sing along. Then, on Friday, yes it’s the big one, it’s Wear it Blue. Gives you the chance to dress up in your favourite blue clothes, who knows, wear a wig, look silly and have a laugh. Then on Sunday we’re finishing with Bob’s big blue quiz, that’s a chance to see how clever you really are, answer some questions and, do you know what? Raise a little bit of money for the MPS society. It will also give you a smile hopefully and give you a chance to join in with your friends. So, I look forward to seeing you at many of these things that we’re running this week. You can connect with it all by going on to either our Facebook page or going on to the MPS Society website.

"So from a rather frazzled father of two teenage MPS boys and believe you me being in lockdown with two teenage MPS boys can be a challenge, to all of you, stay safe keep smiling and we’ll get through this."

Are you having fun yet? Here are our 7 ways to have fun this MPS Awareness Week.

01. Add a Facebook frame to your profile

What's better than sharing the fun? Let everyone know that you're joining in with MPS Awareness Week by updating your Facebook frame and encouraging all your friends to do the same. Getting them involved will reach more people and will also gain you some lovely likes along the way.

02. Sing your heart out

If you missed the live sing along with the very talented Gracie you can watch it again here. Find the lyrics, or make up your own, press play and get singing. Of course just watching Gracie will make you smile but you'll also feel the benefit as singing releases endorphins and makes you breathe deeper which acts as a natural stress reducer.

03. Get creative

We all know the benefits of being creative and art is often used as a way to express emotions, boost self-esteem and reduce stress. Challenge yourself to produce some artwork that expresses what MPS Society means to you using any medium to be creative: paint, sculpt, draw or even dance. For inspiration check out some of the wonderful artists who are sharing their creativity during lockdown, like Draw With Rob, Noel's art club and many more. Share your creations with us and tag your favourite artist to spread the awareness further.

04. What do you find fun?

There's a lot we can't do right now but you can remember those good times. Think about what you find the most fun and remind yourself what it feels like to do that. It might be swimming in the sea, being with friends and family, going on holiday or shopping for new clothes. Whatever fun you are missing find a photo or recreate one and share it with us on social media.

05. Wear it Blue

Of course we can't observe MPS Awareness Week without a day of the blues! How silly can you make it this year with limited access to clothes and props? We can't wait to see your blue selfies and to take over Facebook and Twitter with photos of our blue army.

06. Joke about

Whether they make you groan or laugh out loud jokes are a lot of fun. Sharing them with others to spread the joy will also bring you happiness. Spread the fun and awareness by posting your best joke online and tag us so we can have a laugh too.

07. Get quizzical

Sign off your week of fun with a quiz on Sunday. It's a fun way to raise money for the MPS Society and if you let everyone know it's happening you can challenge your friends and family for the cash prizes! Register now for only £3 per household and tune in to the website on Sunday at 6pm to join Bob's Big Blue Quiz.

We can't wait to see and hear the ways you're having fun this week. Please share all your photos, videos and comments on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #MPSAwarenessWeek and #EverybodyIn

Find more support, information and resources to help you with social distancing and coronavirus if you are living with MPS, Fabry or a related disease visit our dedicated COVID-19 pages. Or you can follow our weekly Wednesday webinars series here.

If you have found this information helpful please consider donating to the MPS Society.

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