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MPS Support Hub

We know there’s no replacement for a good old fashioned face-to-face with someone who really gets you - but we’re hoping that the MPS Support Hub might become the next best thing.

We would love to invite you to join this PRIVATE Facebook group.

Who it’s for

The group is open to those registered with the MPS society who are:

  • Individuals diagnosed with an MPS or related condition

  • Parents

  • Carers

  • Sibling

  • Partners

Bereaved members of our community are also very welcome in the group.

About the hub

This is YOUR space and we want you to use it in whatever way you need to.

  • Say ‘Hi’

  • share that genius hack that no one else has figured out

  • reach out for support

  • share your little wins

  • just have a proper rant when life feels a bit unfair.

The group is facilitated and moderated by Alison and Hannah from the Support and Advocacy Team. They are in there to provide support and keep tabs on the group to make sure everyone feels safe.