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Recent ENT publication: Hyo-Mental Angle and Distance


Hyo-Mental Angle and Distance: An Important Adjunct in Airway Assessment of Adult Mucopolysaccharidosis

This research was conducted by clinicians at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and you can view the publication on this topic online here.

The researchers conducted a retrospective review of case notes on adult patients whereby they used an alternative method to assess the hyoid bone. This method measures the distance between the central-hyoid and symphysis of the mandible (hyo-mental distance; HMD) and the inclination of this line to the horizontal axis (hyo-mental angle; HMA).

The results showed differences in patients with MPS compared to the control group, which may not be picked up using the standard thyromental distance (TMD) nasendoscopy measurement. This simple airway assessment tool is a useful adjunct in the management of complex airways, such as adult MPS and warrants further investigation.

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