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MPS and COVID: expert advice for patients and families


This webinar brought together clinical experts to answer your questions about living with and MPS conditions and COVID.

Speakers and subjects included:

Dr James Davison Paediatric clinical update (what do we know about COVID and what have we learnt about the risk for MPS patients)

Andrew Oldham on behalf of Dr Ana Jovanovic Adult clinical update and restoring services information update

Andrew Oldham Keeping active

Dr Claire Garthwaite Using Mindfulness to help with long-term conditions and pain

Dr Stewart Rust Managing worries and anxieties as things start going back to normal

Steve Cotterell Wider opening of education settings

Watch the full webinar which was recorded live:

MPS and COVID: expert advice for MPS patients and families

View the slides here:

You can download a resource based on the outcomes of this meeting here.

Find more support, information and resources to help you with social distancing and coronavirus if you are living with MPS, Fabry or a related disease at our dedicated COVID-19 pages. Or you can follow our weekly Wednesday webinars series here.

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