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CSAC open day webinar - 10 October 2023


Watch our CSAC webinar, chaired by MPS Society trustee Dr Fiona Stewart, and hear how CSAC play an integral role in helping our rare disease community by funding key research projects with the aim of improving lives for those with lysosomal storage diseases.

The MPS Society has been at the forefront of pioneering research for 40 years and has been the driving force behind some of the key treatments developed to prolong life for many people with rare lysosomal diseases.

The Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC), consisting of a committee of members from medical, research or patient-focussed backgrounds, advises us in scientific matters and considers applications for research funding, all in the best interests of our community.

This webinar set out to answer your questions about CSAC and how we fund research.


  • Brief overview of CSAC - Fiona Stewart

  • Grants over the years - Bryan Winchester

  • Relevant research - Sophie Thomas

  • Setting up a research project - Derralynn Hughes

  • How CSAC evaluates grants - Fiona Stewart

  • A real-life example - Simon Heales

  • Q&A

Watch the full webinar here:

Find out more about CSAC and they work they do here.

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