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Tune in to Kelly Mills' charity appeal for MPS Society on Radio 4 this month


They are an amazing charity and need your support.

The Mills family are big supporters of the MPS Society, from filming documentaries to family fundraising to creating the design of our thank you cards they're keen to give back to the charity however they can. Who better then to make the charity appeal for BBC Radio 4?

The Radio 4 Appeal is a weekly 3 minute programme that highlights the work of a charity and appeals for donations. It is a great opportunity for the MPS Society to reach a new audience and raise awareness of the these incredibly rare conditions. There are 49 appeals broadcast on Radio 4 each year and we were lucky enough to be chosen to feature in 2020.

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Kelly, whose 5-year-old daughter Penny has MPS III Sanfilippo, will be telling her story of finding out about Penny's condition, coming to terms with what it means for their family and how the support worker, Louise, has helped them to get back precious time with their daughter.

Louise was kind, caring and helped us to talk about the condition to Penny's brothers.

The programme is due to be broadcast on 13 September at 7.54am with repeats on the same day at 9.25pm and on Thursday 17 September at 3.27pm. You can also listen to the programme online shortly after the first broadcast.

Make sure you tune in to hear Kelly's story between 13–17 September and spread the word about the appeal with people you know.

Every donation makes a huge difference to families like ours

How to listen

DAB Digital Radio: search for BBC Radio 4, BBC R4 or Radio 4

FM: 92–95 or 103–105

LW: 198


Spread the word

Share this blog post on your social media channels to spread the word and get as many people listening to the appeal as possible.

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How to donate

If you have been touched by Kelly's story and want to contribute to the work of our support team you can donate online or call us on 0345 389 9901.

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