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Of course I love to score goals!


Hear from MPS Society member Tyler who, after a bilateral hip replacement, is fully embracing his passion for football. He shares how sheer determination to achieve (and score!) his goals and the willingness to learn new skills rewarded him with a place in the Danby Rovers and Mencap England football teams.

I've always enjoyed playing football

Hello, my name is Tyler. I am 18 years old, and I enjoy watching scary films, listening to R'n'B / dancehall music, playing football and my Xbox. I like to think I’m quite funny too.

Watching futsal videos on YouTube got me into football and I’ve always enjoyed playing with friends. My favourite professional players are Bukayo Saka and Crysencio Summerville, so you might guess that I’m a big fan of Arsenal as well as Leeds United.

In February 2023, I started playing football for the Leeds United Foundation. However, as they did not have an adult team, I moved to the Danby Rovers where I have been offered more opportunities too, so it’s been great for me. We are currently at the top of the league which I have been an instrumental part of.

I train twice a week and when a session is over, I’m already looking forward to the next. At times I can struggle with concentration, although, if I really enjoy something, I can excel at it. Of course I love to score goals, but I also enjoy learning new skills and winning.

Danby relies on donations and without would be unable to offer a safe and enjoyable space for people with disabilities to showcase their passion. They organise events for us too. For example, at Christmas we went bowling and then enjoyed a drink and some food afterwards. I would love for Danby to be able to have their own van to transport the team when we travel a bit further afield.

Also, I was picked to trial for the Mencap England team and have been successful in obtaining a place.

I am proud of myself for this achievement as there were around 50 people trialling and only 14 spaces.

Tyler makes me beyond proud

My whole family is very supportive. My mum and stepdad attend all my tournaments and friendlies, and my grandparents usually come along too if they don’t already have plans.

Because I was so limited in my movement due to hip disease, being able to play football after having a bilateral hip replacement feels like a new lease of life for me.

Everyone really makes the effort to support me in doing one of the things I love, football!

“Tyler makes me beyond proud, he has had many physical health challenges to deal with at such a young age and faces them with vigour every single time. As Tyler was diagnosed with MPS II Hunter at only 21 months old, it was worrying thinking what he would and wouldn’t be able to achieve in life, given that MPS II can vary greatly amongst individuals. But he really has pushed all barriers and strives to achieve what he sets out to. We often have conversations about how things in life may take him that bit longer, but he will get there eventually and the journey itself can be the making of people.”
Jessica, Tyler’s mum

Disability just means different abilities

Currently, I am also taking driving lessons which is another thing I look forward to every week. I have passed my theory test and just recently booked my driving test, but I am not telling anyone the date, ha ha. Being able to drive will give me much needed independence and I also think it will help my confidence levels too. I can’t wait to drive myself to my first football session!

To me, disability just means different abilities. I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to, it might take longer but I’ll get there in the end.

It took me three attempts at my English GSCE, three attempts at my theory and many years of pain before hip replacements which enabled me to play football, but I got there in the end with all of them.

Great news alert

We are delighted to add that Tyler has now passed his driving test! Thank you so much for sharing the happy news with us and huge congratulations.

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