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Inspirational author from Ireland


Geraldine, a determined MPS mother and writer, has published a book sharing her experience and insight into raising a child with a severe form of MPS II Hunter which is set to be a lifeline to other families living with MPS and related diseases..

Writing has always been a therapeutic outlet for Geraldine who began by writing a blog online and creating a social presence bringing awareness to her life and the daily challenges she faced bringing up a child with special needs.

Completing the book wasn’t straightforward. By January 2020, the book was written and almost finished but it still needed a little more work. Over the months to follow, the family experienced unforeseen circumstances, not only the loss of Geraldine’s brother in March, but also the loss of Ethan who passed away very suddenly in September.

Something within Geraldine made her take another look at her writing in November and make those final changes. She described looking over the words as extremely difficult because of the optimism instilled for the future but says that was Ethan, who always reminded her to keep hope alive and for that reason she thought it should remain within the final piece.

I hope it helps people, makes them laugh and most of all I hope Ethan’s spirit shines through each page

Ethan & Me is one family’s story of courage through adversity as they raise a child with special needs. It’s a story that supports other families with a newly diagnosed special needs child or those who are already on that journey by imparting words of wisdom and understanding. There are many laugh out loud moments in the midst of the daily challenges, and more than all of this, there is a message of hope.

Ethan & Me is available to buy from Tribes Press

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