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February Fundraiser of the Month - Towersey Morris Men and the Haddenham Mummers


For our 40th anniversary this year, we have decided to have a 'Fundraiser of the Month'. This month, we have The Towersey Morris men and Haddenham Mummers. Andy Hardy, a member of both groups, shares his story.

Update 21/2/22:

On Saturday 12 February, the Haddenham Mummers got together at the Rising Sun pub to present cheques to this year's charities, all presented by King George and Mummer-herder, Tim Chowns. They raised over £500 for the MPS Society, for which we're extremely grateful! Our Communications Manager, Helen, went along to receive the cheque and had a great night!

You can read more about the evening here.

Original story:

"Our son, Matthew, had MPS II Hunter and his own welfare assistant at school. She just happened to be married to a dancer with Towersey Morris. The side started to raise money for research into mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) and they made Matthew an honorary member. He even had his own waistcoat and bell pads.

After Matthew died in 1994 aged 13, I felt it was important to continue the link with Towersey Morris, and so I joined the side. Good exercise, camaraderie, enjoyable evenings dancing out (usually at a pub), trips abroad and days of dance all included taking a collection for MPS and other charities.

The men thoroughly enjoyed their invitation to two MPS conferences, entertaining the families and the professionals. Several guests had never seen Morris dancers in action before, and one German doctor was most interested in the 'fool' and the 'horse'.

Around the same time of joining the Morris, I was also invited to become a member of Haddenham Mummers. We are a band of merry actors who perform a Mummers' Play every Christmas. The play is very short (ten minutes), tells the tale of good triumphing over evil, and is performed mostly in local pubs. At the end of each performance a collection is taken. As with Towersey Morris (who, incidentally, also perform a Mummers' play) one of the main benefactors of the collections is the MPS Society.

Both Towersey Morris and Haddenham Mummers have welcomed staff from the MPS Society Office to receive cheques. We even got Christine Lavery to join in one of our dances - and we have the photograph to prove it!

My wife, Jenny; daughter, Rebecca; and I are proud to be connected to Towersey Morris and Haddenham Mummers, who through Matthew, have been able to raise thousands of pounds during the past thirty-five years.

We are delighted that they are being highlighted by the MPS Society during this very important year. Thank you."

At the MPS Society, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Andy, the Towersey Morris men and Haddenham Mummers for their support!

Written by Rhia Arden

More information:

If you would like to watch a Haddenham Mummers play, please click here.

If you are interested in donating to the MPS Society, please click here.

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