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Wellbeing videos

In this series of mental health and wellbeing videos we invite UK MPS Society members to explore and understand anxiety as well as techniques to build resilience. These videos have been developed by Diana Thornton who is a counsellor and mindfulness teacher. 

Wellbeing for adults

Anxiety is something that we all have to deal with and a little bit of anxiety can be helpful to spur us on. But there comes a point where anxiety can stop being helpful and can become a burden.

Wellbeing for young people

Anxiety can sometimes be difficult to break away from. It can also be worrying when you experience it until you understand what is happening to your brain and to your body.

Wellbeing for children

In these fun sessions for children, Diana Thornton will introduce some ways to deal with stress and anxiety drawn from her work as a counsellor and a mindfulness teacher.

Parents must be there at the start to ensure that children access the appropriate video and should be nearby to offer support if required.