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Remembrance wood

The Wood of Remembrance and Hope is a key element in the bereavement support that we offer and is a peaceful place for parents, siblings and extended family to explore, picnic and take time to remember their loved ones within a peaceful and tranquil setting.

About the wood

The MPS Society was granted a license to plant a wood of Oak Saplings in Sherwood Forest, saplings that were cloned from the forest’s Great Oak.

The Wood of Remembrance and Hope has since become a lasting memorial to children and adults who have lost their lives to an MPS or related lysosomal storage disease and continues to grow and flourish as each year passes.

We hold planting days where bereaved families are given the opportunity to plant a tree in memory of a loved one. We also organise Family Remembrance Days where bereaved families can visit the Wood of Remembrance and Hope with the support of the charity.

Development of the wood

Memory boards feature the names of each individual that have been commemorated by a tree along with a short message of remembrance from their family.

Alongside these memory boards is an interpretation board which informs members of the general public of the wood’s concept and purpose. Members of the public are also encouraged to take time to enjoy all of the delights that the wood has to offer.