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Research grant application

The MPS Society is inviting applications for research grants in MPS, Fabry and related diseases. The grants will be awarded for a period of between one and three years but funding in years two and three will be subject to an annual review and the charitable funds being available.

Members of the MPS Society’s Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) will review the grant proposals. All research grant applications must meet the MPS Society’s terms and conditions of Medical Research Grants. 

Can you join the peer review panel?​

We are committed to transparency and open access and applications will be sent out for peer-review. We would encourage all applicants, potential applicants or people with an interest to help us support impactful research by joining our peer review panel, if you are willing to spare a couple of hours reviewing an application please contact the peer review coordinator.

Research grant application form

Applications for research grants are currently open. Applications will be reviews at one of the peer review committee meetings throughout the year.

Application FAQs

Following submission, grant applications will be reviewed internally by members of the MPS Society’s Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC). This committee includes trustees with a medical or scientific background, non-medical trustees and members of the MPS Society’s Support and Advocacy senior team. A shortlist of applications will then be sent for external peer review, by a panel of relevant medical experts. It should be noted these may include international experts.

We are committed to transparency and open access and applications will be sent out for peer-review.

All applicants, successful or otherwise, will receive anonymised feedback from the Clinical and Scientific Advisory Committee and where available the peer review panel.

Detailed Terms and Conditions of Medical Research Grants, the MPS Society’s Moral and Ethical Policy for Fundraising and Public Affairs Activities and acceptance forms are attached with the application form.

Research grant payments will be made quarterly in arrears. Quarterly payments beyond the first quarter for second and third year grants will only be made after a review of the research project has been undertaken and an appraisal report received.

A final report must be submitted within two months of the end of the research grant and include:

  • A summary of the results of the research project

  • Indication of whether goals were met

  • If applicable suggestions for further research efforts needed in the field

  • A summary statement in lay language of the results of the research which will be communicated via emails and social media.

If the results are published in any scientific journals, provision of a copy of the article(s) is required.

The MPS Society requests that all acknowledgements include the following: ‘This work was supported by a research grant from the Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases (MPS Society)’

When you submit the application you will need to include:

  • CV of lead investigator

  • Detailed budget