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Fabry Matters Conference 2024


About the event

The Fabry community is often asked to contribute to research that doesn’t always tackle what is important to you or that doesn’t get to the heart of the issues. We want to change this by hosting a conference that will include exciting talks and discussions on what is meaningful and useful to the Fabry community, and updates on innovations and current research helpful to everyday life.

Claiming your reimbursement

We are working through the information from the conference and will be in touch soon with information on how you can claim your reimbursement. Please see our FAQs below and if you have any questions get in touch.

What if I didn’t complete my five pieces of research?

If you didn’t manage to complete all pieces of research at the event we will get in touch to give you the opportunity to complete anything that is still outstanding. We are contacting people over the next few weeks but if you haven’t heard from us and believe you have something to complete get in touch.

What if I forgot to hand my stamped card in?

Please get in touch with us and we can check your research contribution.

I handed in my card but haven’t had my reimbursement yet, when will I get it?

We have been processing all the research contributions following the conference as quickly as possible and should complete this before the end of March. Once we’ve checked all contributions, we will share an online form for you to confirm your eligibility for a reimbursement and how you would like to receive the refund. Please look out for this as it will be sent to the email address you registered with. If you are worried that you have not yet received it please get in touch.

Can I donate my reimbursement cost?

Yes, you can opt for MPS Society to keep all or some of the money you paid for the conference which will be used to fund our work with the Fabry community in the future. The MPS Society relies on donations to run our support and advocacy service so any donations will be greatly received.

What if I paid more than £100?

Unfortunately, we can only refund the cost of your booking, up to £100. If you missed the early-bird rate and paid more than £100 then you will not receive a refund for the extra cost.